Welcome to Lauri Sturdivant ~ artist ~ a web site featuring artworks, projects and musings of Lauri Sturdivant an artist living in Mount Shasta City, located in far northern California, where the air is fresh and the water gives you brain freeze. (I credit Andrew McLane with that line.)

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3,744_LittlePiecesofPaperMaking art is the most joyous activity I participate in. I am committed to using ‘junk’ to make art.  Give me something that would otherwise be thrown away and I will make something interesting to look at.  Not all art is meant to simply be beautiful.  Some art is created to challenge our thinking and change our perceptions.  When I view the finished piece, I am able to see the whole as being something other than the parts that were once junk.  For me it’s about layers and union. I am intrigued with the juxtaposition of the strength and weight of materials.

Through the exploration of the duality of our fragile lives and the apparent opposite quality of a life in this ever changing and complex world, I continue to create my artwork.  I believe it is my personal responsibility to protect the environment, make art and inspire people to do the same.

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